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Video: Autoharp - fix the action
Chord Bar Placement

Video: I use Rogers high speed and Windows Media Player and even though this Video is 10 minutes long its starts playing on my machine in about 5 seconds. Ive seen horror stories on other machines usually caused by somebodies kid putting in some other player. The simple answer is just reinstall Windows Media Player.
Here is the link to Microsoft Windows Media Player

 For the instructions on lowering the action I went to this page, I just followed everybody else and they all ended up here. He seems to know what he’s talking about. The problem was that there were no pictures and at the time I read them I had no autoharp handy so I just forgot about it. So his link is Chuck Daniels at This is the first time I tried this, I took my old autoharp apart about 30 years ago but other than that I just followed the instructions on the link above. But when you think about it, its something most people will only do once anyway so that makes me kind of an expert. I was kind of flying blind because I never heard of Dr. Scholl before but found both the Moleform and Moleskin at Shoppers Drug Mart. As it turned out I only used the Moleform but I needed 2 packs at $4.25 a pack.


1. The first problem I had was that I didn’t take note of which end was treble and which was base, just check this out when you take off the cover. 

2. Just make sure your aware that the bars can fall out when you take off the cover so keep it flat.

3. I really had no idea what he meant when he said “peel the top half off” maybe I’m showing my ignorance but I had no idea what Moleform was as I find medical stuff kind of icky, but at least this autoharp will be “corn free“. So anyways it means exactly what he said, its kind of like 2 ply toilet paper you can just pull the layers apart, but because it took me a while to figure it out there is a picture below. And for the medically challenged moleform looks like a piece of felt about 1/8 inch thick with sticky tape on the back and moleskin looks the same but is about 1/3 as thick.

4.He says to put “a 1\2 inch strip of Moleskin on the bass end to compensate for the thicker strings” and this is what I did in the video. But on my autoharp this gave too much play so I unstuck it and replaced it with moleform which I had to peel off a layer. So you may have to adjust here but its easy to unstick it if you don’t get it right the first time.